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We had a company customize our theme to get around the 100 variant limit and are having some issues with the way that Safari shows the options. I am not a coder first of all, but I have picked up a little out of necessity. 

With that disclaimer said here is the issue. We used metafields & json to display the conditional logic for some of our products. What I have done so far is working in Chrome and Firefox but not Safari. If you look at the product below in Safari it shows every option instead of the ones specified in the json. Not sure what I am doing wrong

I will attach the code in the theme that makes this work. The json file is huge so if anyone needs to see it just let me know, but it is working flawlessly in 2 of 3 browsers.

Here is our website with the test product that I was working on: 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is how the company that did the custom code handed our project off to us.


Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 11.47.54 AM.png

Kells Tindell
CMO Denny Mfg.