Save custom options to the DataBase

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Saving custom options and settings

My customers all have settings that I want them to be able to change (Default decorator, custom pricing per collection, etc). Is there any way to save customer settings/options via liquid or code?

What custom information can be saved to the DataBase?

Line Item Properties

I understand Line item options can be saved like this:

<label for="engraving">Engraving</label>
<input type="text" id="engraving" name="properties[Engraving]">


I understand custom fields (meta fields) can be created via the chrome plugin:

But dont see a way for my customers to change the values in these.


Is there any other way to save custom options to the shopify database?


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You won't want to use Metafields for order data info. If this is something you want customers to edit at add to cart time, Line Item Proprties is the right thing to use. Those properties will then be stored on the order.

These things you've mentioned are not Line Item Property things from what I would assume.

  • Default decorator
  • custom pricing per collection, etc

Default decorator seems like something that would be stored on Customer level.
What's the plan for custom pricing per collection?

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 Default decorator seems like something that would be stored on Customer level.
 What's the plan for custom pricing per collection?

Agree, the users of my store will want to save options at Customer Level. The users of the store buy wholesale, and have customer pricing based roughly on yearly volumes. The custom price+margin need to be stored at Customer level. Stores users can set the price+margin that they are currently using. 

Line Item Property

Could I save a Customer Level opion in a line item? A fake shopping cart item? i.e. save the price+margin as a fake shopping cart item? Or is that too messy and a bad long term solution?

What options do I have

I am a programmer, so writing code is fine.

Thanks for your help,


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possible ways to stash data

  • metafields (nice and hidden)
  • pages (easy to edit html data)
  • blog posts (can dedicate a whole blog to custom data articles, also easy to edit html)
  • link lists (good for short chunks of data that should appear in order.)
  • tags (less common for general data)