Schema Blocks

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With the new updates (June 29, 2021) that was rolled on shopify esp. on theme editor/customizer, some part has been bothering me.

I'm currently deving a new store for client when I noticed that using schema `Blocks` on Header&Footer are not showing anymore. I also checked the other stores that I previously developed to confirm and yeah blocks are gone from header&footer. But good thing! The data stored are still there and accessible and it didn't break anything.

I'm just worried that when I comeback to those stores that I made to do some requested changes for a client esp. Header&Footer that I might realign my blocks implementations to some alternative which will also consume extra time on creating and testng (That might be quite unreasonable for the client. Feel me?).

Is shopify permanently resting the schema `blocks` for Header&Footer for good? If not, how will I use it again? I need clarity.