Search not toggle expanded in mobile version

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I am using a Grid theme warm from Pixel Union. In its original mobile version, there is a search icon which can toggle into an expanded search input on the header. The input box will cover and hide the header branding logo.

The problem is, this doesn't work on my website. The search icon that is supposed to work like a toggle button is not responsive at all, just like a dead image in the mobile version.
I tried to compare both the header.liquid and theme.css code of my in-use theme to the original Grid theme, but there's no significant difference at all. Except for the size of the Header-branding-logo desktop version. 

I would like an advice or if a Shopify expert could log in and help editing the code, that would be really nice. I've been working on it for 3 days now with no success. The Pixel Union support has been painfully unresponsive and slow.

Thank you in advance!

The URL is (now domain linked to

The original theme is

Please DM for account password.

ToggledToggledCompare side-by-side (original theme on the right)Compare side-by-side (original theme on the right)

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Sorry for facing this issue, it's my pleasure to help us.

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and Thanks for your Good question.

so many js error on third party code can you please add one by one then check or can you upload a fresh theme again then check if again issue please review how many apps do you have installed after upload theme 


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