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I'm developing a theme.


I want to search products within a collection. 

For example I have collection ("Men") and I want to search product within "Men" collection. 

Default search only allow to search the entire store but I want only within collection.


How can I achieve this. I want to use liquid not Ajax or javascript or something else.



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Hi @AzeemHaider 

For that may be you have to use Ajax search to get only product of current collection and for that you need custom development, so if you can't do then text me i will help or PM.

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You will not be able to use Liquid alone. It will require the use of JavaScript in some form.


An AJAX (JavaScript) approach would also only be suitable if the collection has a relatively small amount of products. If it has - for example - 10k products that approach would not be suitable. What's the hesitation with an approach like that?

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How can I do it with Ajax