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I have products from various artists.  People might like to see all the products from one person.  


When the product page is displayed, the artist's name is shown (see below).  


I would like the artist's name to be a link or a button.  Clicking it will search for everything from that person, and show the results in a new page.  


In the image below the words "artist name" would be a button or link.  Pressing it would generate a search on that name and show the results.  The results would be the same as copying the name and pasting it into the Search box, just easier for the buyer.  





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Yes, you can set the link on artist name and take to the new page which display all arts for that artist only. There are two way to make it possible.

1) You can create collection for each artist and assign all products for that artist then you can set link (like: /collections/<artist-handle>) on artist name which take user to the particular collection page.

2) You can add artist name as a product tag in each product then you can set link (like: /collections/all/<artist-tag>) on artist name which take user to the all collection page with filter using artist name.


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