See shipping rates and apply discounts on cart level

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As far as I can tell, you can not apply discounts or see shipping rates in your cart before you begin checkout.  This is a huge friction item at checkout which could be easily fixed by allowing these two things to be shown on the cart page vs the checkout page.  I have a shipping page with rates, etc. but the idea is to keep them in the cart and answer all their questions there!  A shipping calculator in the cart would work because they can choose their country (in my case the prices are flat per country with free shipping to some, etc) and the cart will show their shipping rates. If we also can apply a discount code there, then we have a winner!

Is there a way to do this?  I think the shipping rate calculator can be done, but not sure how to do the discount.  Would love some assistance.

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@GustavoM ,

There is the option for showing a shipping calculator on the shopping cart, would you like to implement? We also offer the option for a calculator on the product page so that the rates are specific to the item. Applying the discount code will still happen at checkout but at least they are shown the shipping cost prior to any discount.  Let me know your thoughts.