Selling in multiples defined by manufacturer carton

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Dear all,


We are looking for a solution to a feature that should be basic in Shopify: Selling in multiples defined by manufacturer defined carton sizes. 

We sell items from several suppliers, and they provide price lists in Excel to us, which includes information about how many pieces of a product there are in a colli/transport carton. As an example some items can come 4 in a transport box, others can be 12 in a box. We cannot find a field in Shopify to store this info. We need this. Secondly, we would like our customers to be enticed to buy in multiples of these quantities. To avoid having to break the cartons, obviously.

I have been scanning this forum, and going through many, many apps in the App Store without any luck.

Does any of you know a solution, which does not require big cost and special coding?

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  Thank You