Selling service type products from shopify?

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So I am wanting to sell services from my website, specifically film and photo scanning, basically we have a charge per picture, then a few other fees that are add-ons




$0.35/per photo

+$9.99 for flash drive with scans


We are currently using Hulk Options however the issue we run into is that If a customer enters the quantity as 40 (as in 40 frames being submitted for scanning) then chooses the option of getting a flash drive the cart with show that their getting 40 scans at $.35 each, and 40 flash drives at $9.99 each.


I'm sure it will help you all to understand what I'm saying better, with the link to the product page:


I'm open to both app solutions and coding solutions, I am proficient at several web languages however I am not completely comfortable with liquid yet


Thanks in advance!