'Serve scaled images' issue on venture theme (GTMetrix test)

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Hi all,


I recently did a GTMetrix speed test of our webshop, and found out we have an issue of not 'serving scaled images', mainly for the product pictures.
This slows down the website because the product images I uploaded are too big for the image container on the homepage, and thus are scaled down by shopify in order to fit the image container on the homepage.


If I downsize the images to the size recommended by the GTmetrix website, it does improve the load speed on the homepage. However this also results in blurry/unsharp images on the product page, since the same image gets loaded on the homepage as on the product page. The theme in use is Venture.


Has anyone found a solution for this issue?


Thanks in advance!


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Is your theme a resent one? Because most of the resent theme version use lazy load library which pulls the image sized to match visitor's browser.

I suspect your theme is an older one, but hard to tell without seeing.

Would be nice if you share a link to your shop and a link to GTmetrix output.

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