Server Side Page Caching (Liquid)

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Hi all, I have a couple questions about what circumstances would cause Shopify to render a page using caching and when to start over again. 


We're experiencing really long load times on our pages, like 10-25 seconds of waiting (TTFB). I've been doing some experimenting to get to the bottom of this. I'm experiencing things like:


  • Initial load - 15 seconds
  • Refresh after waiting a second - 250 ms
  • Refresh after waiting another 10 seconds - 14 seconds
  • Refresh after waiting another 30 seconds - 300 ms


I'm not touching any code in my theme during these tests and I'm using the published theme. 


  1. What causes pages to do a full re-render?
  2. Do things like product changes, or inventory changes cause caches to invalidate?
  3. Does it matter if a customer is logged in?
    1. For example; a piece of liquid code displays a message if a customer is logged in. If a customer is not logged in, the cache will be created. Once the customer is logged in, do they get to benefit from this cache or will it cause a full re-render again?
  4. Is page-caching enabled when you preview a theme? Because I tried previewing and doing some tests and almost never got a fast load.


Appreciate any insights you have. Customers are not happy about the speed of the site :(

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We have a third party app that calculates wholesale prices on all the items. The problem seems to get worse, when a customer is logged in as a wholesaler. However, you should still notice slow load times.