Setting collection preview order on home page

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Hello, I hope there is a simple way to achieve this.

What I am currently doing is showing several collections on the home page, each collection being a product section, wall art, drinkware, etc.

Each collection is showing 4 products in a row. It is the first 4 products in that collection.

I can manually set the order of the collection, so that I can dictate what products are in the first 4 places, and then they show on the home page.

However what I don't want is that same ordering when I click on "More drinkware" for example, and it goes to the drinkware collection page.

Is there a simple way to show 4 products of my own choosing from a collection, in a row on the home page, without setting the ordering of that specific collection page?

Like 4 featured products in a row.. or a new dummy collection list, which has URLs to the real collection list.

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my site. for reference