Setting up a new footer for a custom page

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hello all

i am trying to setup a custom footer that is specific only when i am using a customtemplate.liquid 

the issue is

i have managed to get a custom template assigned to the page but

i am not able to remove the standard footer from customtemplate.liquid and now i have 2 footers

below is the code, l would appreciate any thoughts on this

{%- include 'header2' -%}
{%- if settings.breadcrumb_pg -%}{%- include 'breadcrumb' -%}{%- else -%}<div class="topSpace"></div>{%- endif -%}
{%- section 'custom-template1' -%}
{%- section 'b2bfooter' -%}


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Hi @inthebox, you can add a condition in theme.liquid file that if page = customtemplate.liquid, it should not show the standard footer. 

EDIT: This is not an accurate syntax. This is just to give you an idea on how you can hide/show the standard footer.

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anyone else, who can suggest the syntax for the above?