Settings for multiple collection theme templates in Customize?

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How do I use section settings for multiple collection templates?


I've got two collection templates in my theme. /templates/collection.liquid and /templates/collection.brand.liquid - There's nothing in these files other than an include, which pulls in sections section-collection.liquid and section-collection-brand.liquid, respectively. 


Templates are largely the same. These have the same settings options in the schema tags. The only thing different, really, is the "name" and "class" fields.


The problem is when I go to customize my theme. In the dropdown to select the page, I only get one "Collections Pages" - and I don't see a spot to edit the second one. And when I select "Collection Pages," I only have an option to edit my regular collection options (not brands).

And when I'm on the front end, the brand pages only use the default settings - not even what I set up on the regular collection.

What's the piece I'm missing here?



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If you have assigned an alternate template to one of your collections and then in Customizer navigated to this collection (instead of selecting from the drop-down), you should see the name of the alternate Section on the left and be able to edit its settings.


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A ha. I knew it'd be something stupid.


Yeah, navigated to one of the collections in the window, and now I see my settings page.

One would expect that since there are multiple pages in the dropdown, it'd work the same for collections.


Thanks. Was looking too closely to it to see the obvious option.