ShineOn engraving option inactive in Shopify Brooklyn product page theme

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I want to offer engraving option for my ShineOn products and want to use the product template for the Brooklyn product Theme, but the engraving option is inactive (light gray color):


The only way it seems to function is with the Theme templates - Template suffix "Product.ShineOn":


Any suggestions?  I don't know hot to code, buy I can follow instructions. 


If i have to use the ShineOn template, at least I want to change the color of the add to cart button to red. and don't know how to do that.


Please help this rookie.




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Hey there,

your store is currently password-protected so we can´t visit your product page.

A while back I made a tutorial on custom user inputs for products.
I was demonstrating this for the debut theme, but it will be similar for the Brooklyn theme.


You may find this helpful :-)



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