Shop Pay Installments Limitation - Dynamically Updating Banner on Variant Change

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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As per the Shop Pay Installment’s eligibility and limitations, Shop Pay Installments is only relevant for prices in USD and an order needs to be between $50 and $1000 USD. This means, when a product is below $50 or above $1000, the banner should display “Pay in 4 payments for orders between $50 - $1000”. When a product is between $50 and $1000, the banner should update the price according to the product price divided by 4.



Generally, the price on the banner should change dynamically when selecting different variants with different pricing. However, we found limitations for the following cases:

  • Discount rates are hard coded directly to a theme
  • Shops rendering in USD, then reloads converting prices to foreign currencies
  • Loading multiple products on a single product page

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