Shop item not displaying discount items correctly

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I want to include a bundle deal on one of my products, but the information does not display correctly in multiple areas. I am using the Debut theme. 

Originally, it is 24 dollars, and as a bundle (3 of the same products) I want to make it 60 dollars. 

I have this distinction under the variants section in the products area, and set the compare at price for the bundle as 72 and the actual price as 60. 


This caused a multitude of issues, starting at the product under the shop on the website displaying the single as 24 dollars sale compared to 72, which is not what I want. 

In addition, the multibuy discount does not display any price change from the original 24 dollars of the single purchase. 


Is it a software/coding problem or am I fundamentally misusing the variants tool? Please advise. My website is


Thank you. 

Kevin Maek