Shopify Blog editor SUCKS - is their an offline solution?

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Is everyone in agreement the Shopify blog editor is close to unusable if you want to make even reasonable straight forward customizations it seems to lead to a chain reaction of coding issues.

There is no front end way to add a caption to an image

There are no short cuts for things such as adding an extra page break, you need to go and enter the code which breaks work flow.

The editor window itself is not a proper representation size wise and leads to position issues once info is pushed live

What I am wanting is an editor that is not an app that you need to pay for as I am strongly against using apps that hold you to ransom for what their apps create. And if you stop using that app at any point the code it writes can be jeopardized. 


How are people getting around this?

Is there a better, offline option? Please don't recommend paid apps that are built in to the platform. 

Please only recommend independent solutions that have a user interface as I dont know code. 

Also are there any extensive how to's that show you have to use the Shopify editor, ie, shortcuts and formatting solutions etc. How to add things etc



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I have to agree with your post. Shopify has a terrible blog editor, and they just made changes I think a couple days ago that made it worse. 


I can no longer select a precise color for the text. You have to browse the RGB color field a pick a color that looks most like the one you want, or you have to enter HTML code to get the exact color. 


Now the images don't center either. 


I guess some middle management employee had to justify their existence on their annual performance report, or tried to get a raise. Making changes just to make changes is NOT innovation. 


I am now looking for an alternative to the native Shopify Blog Editor, because it sucks big time. 

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Has anyone found any other solutions for this? The Shopify blog editor is garbage... Our blogs look SO much nicer on Weebly and it is SO EASY TO USE. Maybe we will have to take our business elsewhere if Shopify can't make one of the most important parts of the website user-friendly.