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I've recently launch the blog on my website and now hope to customize the layout of blog posts. To be specific, I hope to shorten the width of the sidebar that contains article date, recent articles, shae buttons, etc.

Hopefully the article content is four times as wide as the sidebar.

I tried to edit the code on blog.liquid but seems failed. Does anyone tried customizing this layout? Or do Shopify support this? Thanks!

For reference, the page layout that I want to change is here:

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Hello James,

Brandon here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

It appears that you might be using a third party theme, so your best bet when it comes to finding out how to alter the code would be to reach out to the theme developer. If you go into Online Store > Customize Theme there will be an Info link in the upper right corner and that should tell you who your developer is.

You could also reach out to a Shopify Expert about this as well.

Thanks for posting!

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Hi James Kwan,

My name is Anh, from SellerSmith - a Shopify expert team & creater of PageFly - page builder apps. Recently we just add in PageFly the blog-customizing feature, so actually you can customize your blog page without touching the liquid or hiding a Shopify expert. Just give it a try, you can install the app for free :)

I also found an article about Shopify blog template that may help you create a better blog.

Hope it helps :)



Download free Shopify theme:
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I have the same requirement. I want my blog to appear like a regular blog with "Recent posts", "Related posts", Archives etc.

What is the solution for this? I am using the default shopify theme "debut".


I tried a few apps on shopify, but most of them help customizing a blog post and not the homepage of the blog.

Please guide.



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