Shopify Design issues - Brooklyn theme

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I would need help in the following aspects, it would be very very helpful: 

  1. Home: Increase the height of featured collection
  2. Collection page: Instead of having the collections one on the side of the other have one on top of the other at 100% width
  3. Collection Page & About us: The title has disappeared
  4. Our links between pages in the web are not working
  5. Collection page: Some of the products pictures appear smaller than what is meant to (depending on the image the collage looks different) – for example powel picture should be bigger
  6. Collection page: How can I do the Hover Effect on the products, so that when you put the mouse on top of the image it changes

My webpage is: (Psw:12345678) 

Thank you very much 

Shopify Partner
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hola @Sdesuan 

I recommend that you hire someone to do all you mentioned 

because :

1)save time 

2)save the headache 

I offer my services massage

but even if you don't hire me, hire someone because you will need to know how to code, to get all this done 

for next time ask 1 question for better results