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I am looking to hire a consultant to come to my office/warehouse, to help me implement the "correct" set up for bundle stacks on my website. 


I am having a difficult time finding someone who can set up the correct app that tracks my inventory from "bundle stack" sales on my website. 


I am a sports nutrition company that has multiple flavors of a specific item.... the issue i am having is when customer orders various items on a bundle stack, its not pulling the inventory of the single item.... 


Example: I have a product called VASOBLITZ (FRUIT PUNCH) 


- single inventory on VASOBLITZ - FRUIT PUNCH = 100 units in stock 


When someone orders 1 bottle of VASOBLITZ (FRUIT PUNCH) -- it subtracts 1 bottle of FP from the inventory..... However, when someone orders a FRUIT PUNCH from the bundle stack.. its not pulling the inventory from the single item... So i cant tell how much units i have in stock at a specific time... 


I need a DALLAS consultant to come to my office and set up the proper app/system with myself and my warehouse manager, so we can see the process and make sure the app is pulling correctly... 


I will pay a hourly rate for your time -- I am located my Dallas Love Field airport - 


Please contact me via EMAIL: ---- 


Please only contact me, if you are able to do a in-person consulting 


Thank you - Matt Coleman (CEO)