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I set my facebook pixel with the built-in feature, however when I use Facebook's Pixel Helper to inspect it, I'm getting a warning that the `add-to-cart` event is firing twice. Is anybody else seeing this?

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Hey, there!

My name is Tira and I am a Shopify Guru ready to help.

This is a known limitation of the Facebook Pixel Helper UI. If you look at the request in the Chrome developer tools and search for FB, you should only see one request with 200 response.

The Pixel Helper UI somehow aggregates the page view from the previous page. This is usually happening when you are navigating from a source page to the target page (like your cart page) where the source page’s event got logged into the Pixel Helper UI, but in reality, it is tracked correctly. Only one page view is tracked on the product page, if you just refresh the url you will see it.

You can learn more about setting up the Facebook Pixel here: Adding a Facebook pixel to your store. You can also look at Facebook’s troubleshooting page for the pixel here. Clicking on the “learn more” link in the Pixel Helper will also give you more information on why this error is appearing.

Let me know if that helps!


Tira | Social Care @ Shopify 
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We notice that some theme will cause this issue, specially for add to cart event. We are able to fix by revising the theme files, which theme are you using?





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Hi Cesar - I'm experiencing this problem with one of my clients and they built their site on the Fashionopolism theme:


I'm not sure how heavily it's been modified from the original though.


I've also read that some apps can cause the Add to Cart to fire twice, but my client has over 20 apps installed, so I don't know where to start there.


Any help based on you experience with the theme issue would be much appreciated.  I have a suspicion that it's being caused by the cart fly-out that shows the cart and contents when you click the Add to Cart buttons in the store.



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Have you managed to get this fixed? If so, what was the cause and what did you do to fix it? 



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I have the same problem. Using Parallax theme. Reached out to the theme dev but he is not helpful. How do I prevent the ATC event from firing twice?
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Hi, I got the same problem (ATC double firing) on Narrative theme. My Shopify is:
How can I fix it?