Shopify Support Has Failed Me (Theme Support)

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A brief overview before I get started on the technical (very aggravating) difficulties that I have experienced with shopify support.

I have started using shopify December 2018 and selected the Brooklyn theme to work with to begin my experience with shopify. In the beginning, my user experience with shopify was pretty good as I understood the ropes and had familiarity with CSS (not professionally, but as a hobby) and modified the liquid assets to make customizations to present a more personalized experience. 

When I first contacted shopify support, it was regarding an issue with one of the apps I had installed (Printful) where there was a redirect bug. During my first encounter, I spoke with Xavier & Jan and they opened a support ticket (11888656) and also notified me that Shopify's free themes also included customization support and I took the offer as there were tasks that were beyond my scope (newsletter subscription & footer customization). 

As the week passed, I was able to resolve the Printful issue on my own; but was still awaiting for follow up regarding theme customization requests that have been made. Unfortunately, it seems I was lost between the cracks and I once again contacted Shopify support (yesterday) for assistance regarding the same issues we previously discussed. It really pains me to write this, but as a customer I want to be able to use shopify and get up and running to jumpstart our business. 

Honestly, the chat support representatives were very courteous in their provided assistance, but when it actually came to the actionable requests (actually providing the support), I was bewildered how there can be such a huge gap between the care representatives chat support and the actual dev/implementation support. It was night and day. I admit I was aggravated when speaking a second time to Maggie (my second representative) after no follow-up communication following the first chat, but she was also kind in helping me get my concerns across to the theme specialists. 

When I got the email today stating that the requests have been fulfilled, I was ecstatic. Little did I know, the requests were somehow miscommunicated even though I was very meticulous in providing mockups so that communication would be easier understood. 

The features I requested:

- Add a Subscribe to Newsletter using Email to the footer

- Remove the social media text (not icons) and horizontally align the icons.
- Center the Footer navigation links instead of the base left align.
- Center copyright disclaimer below footer links and social media. (Resolved)

- Assist with a team profile page (Ended up being outside the scope of the consultation so I affirmed I would seek a Shopify expert with this task. Was told it could be accomplished from the first chat support representative, but the second chat support explained that it would not be able to be accomplished within the allotted time frame...)

Issues needed to be resolved:
- Products page padding/margin as the product description and images raised to the header and cut off of the images occurred on both web and mobile view orientation. (The theme specialist's resolution was to increase padding on all my pages even though the request was specifically stated for the product page). 

I haven't even been able to take my store live since the wait period. My footer is in worst shape than before the adjustments made by theme specialist. The padding now afflicts my home page and my slideshow scrolls downward instead of the single page slideshow representation that I made. 

They sure did a great job in making me feel like the situation would be handled, but it was far from it. I'm not even sure how long it'll take me now. Hiring a shopify expert to resolve the issues that the theme specialist has screwed me on is definitely gonna be an added $cost of paying a shopify expert to add the features I want and resolve the issues that the theme specialist has royally screwed + the opportunity cost in time in development. 

Should I be looking for alternatives now because it's become a real headache having to rework the code and look for what the theme specialist has done. It's clear to me that contacting support a 3rd time is an option; but one that I am very hesitant to do based on what has transgressed. 

Has anyone else had this issue or something similar? How did you resolve it? Any advice for someone in my particular situation?

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I am sorry you had a poor initial experience with Shopify. I am not a Shopify employee, but a general advocate of the platform. Would love to assist you with getting your problems resolve. Honestly, I use the forums to refine my own skills and give back to the community and platform that I have come to embrace and love. Feel free to shoot me an email at or if you could post the url to the site you are working on I can attempt to start providing some actionable suggestions.



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Hey and welcome to the community!


Like @Dakota_Smith already wrote, it's unfortunate that you had such an experience - I only had good ones with support and the community here which is why I became active and am now giving back too.


So either give @Dakota_Smith a shout or feel free to ask around here. You already wrote up detailed requirements for the footer modifications that would be easy to write up as a step-by-step tutorial for Brooklyn theme that you can follow incl. code and all.


Best wishes!



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I'm going to be blunt here.

If you're paying attention to Shopify's business model, which is trying to sell Plus subscriptions and trying to get their Devs and Shopify Experts hired in order to solve dev/design issues with your website.. then you can't reasonably expect the Support to be 100% helpful in any way.

I'm not saying the Support is not helpful, I've been helped many times quite promptly and accurately), but you can't expect to get 100% support from them on all of your customizing issues.


For me, the steps taken (across several months) in order to modify my website and get better general knowledge on Shopify have been:

- research google / shopify forums

- research general web design principles

- research Liquid documentation and find out more about the Liquid ecosystem

It's either putting time into that, or:
- Hiring a Dev


So it's up to you which path you want to take.

Shopify's services are pretty good as they are and I'm pleased with them.
I wouldn't expect them to cater to everyone's little small change / design request, because I understand their business model


Hope this has shed some light on your issue

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hey my friend. how did you ad the disclaimer to the footer of your brooklyn theme.  i had already gotten rid of powered by shopify so i couldnt just insert my disclaimer there. i have been searching for a solution. 

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I find their documentation to be extensive and mostly up to date.

I haven't had a problem as a developer yet which I haven't been able to figure out with the support forums.

From a developer's perspective, it isn't just a LAMP-like stack and a CMS with eCommerce tied in like what one gets with WooCommerce and WP.  It's an ecosystem with very carefully thought out building blocks.  Some of the restrictions seem cumbersome at first, but in fact they simply force better development practices.

Please bring your questions to this awesome community of developers, we're happy to help because we're all on a continuous learning path ourselves.