Shopify admin UX – How to keep the same options when adding a new product?

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When adding a new product in the Shopify admin, do we really need to fill all the options for each product?
Isn't there some sort of product type template that we can establish with default options? So that, when pressing the checkbox This product has multiple options, like different sizes or colors these were already present.



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Got in touch with support and Logan gave me a solid tip on how to achieve this. Thank you Logan.


There isn't any product adding "templates" BUT if you have a product type you want to mimic, all you would have to do is open that product in your admin.

Then click "duplicate" near the top.
Then name the product in the popup that will appear to the new product name.
De-select "duplicate product images" as I would assume you would have different product images.

Then click duplicate.
*now all the major settings, variants..etc. will all be added already, you just would then have to adjust where you need like product description, different price, inventory..etc. but collections, product type, variants, everything is duplicated initially.

So really you could create a "template" product with just the basics.. leave out the product description, photos, and set the basic template variants you want. Then create this product BUT under "product availability" just make it so its not available to buy anywhere.