Shopify foreign currency not working with switcher

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I have a problem similar to the one discussed here.


In my case I only have one product and I only display it on my landing page using the 'featured product' section.


I have enabled currencies in 'Shopify Payments' under settings. Without a switcher this works fairly well and Shopify seems to automatically change the currency to that of the user (tested with a VPN). I could leave it like this, BUT I was hoping to give the user the option.


The problem occurs when I 'Enable currency conversion' in the theme. When opened in my default country (UK) everything is fine and I can switch between currencies correctly. BUT when I'm coming from a different country the default currency shows as 'GBP' but the price has been converted and the currency symbol has changed to that of the location I am coming from (i.e. € or $), then when I change the currency from 'GBP' to any other an additional currency conversion is calculated as if the displayed price was correct in 'GBP'.


I assume the fix above would correct this, but I don't have a theme.js, I have an app.js which has a similar line but adding the suggested code did not fix the problem for me.


    $('.shopify-payment-button', $product).hide();

  {% if settings.show_multiple_currencies %}
  {% endif %}

I tried the suggested code before and after


but no luck.


Any suggestions? For now I'm just leaving it without the switcher which as I said works fine but I just feel that this should work and want to know why.