Shopify is loading a boomerang.min.js on header

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Recently, i've dropped on Page Speed Scores, and when i've checked the audit, a new file that wasn't there appeared.


from, two files called boomerang.min.js are loaded on header, dropping my site speed.


Anyone knows what it is? Is not an app.



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I've used Boomerang before - it's a performance tracking script. There can be advantages to having it loaded in very early since it can return much better data (even it that comes with a teeny cost to load times itself). Don't have a lot of context here, but if it's being included it means that Shopify is looking a shop loading times with a view on themes.

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Hi, is there a way to remove that function without causing problems?

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No offense, but that was an explanation, not a solution. This thing is KILLING our page-load time. That asset alone takes over 40 seconds to load — and then returns a 502 error. For context, the next-closest asset load-time is 400 milliseconds.


How do we fix this?

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We’re you able to find a fix for this or a way to remove boomerang?
Shopify installed this on our site shortly after our launch & our page speed immediately slowed by over 6 seconds due to boomerang & so far Shopify’s only solution is that we hire a Shopify expert to remove the boomerang code.
Would really appreciate any advice on how to fix or remove this.
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On the chat with Shopify Plus to see if I can get it removed from our sites (we have 4). Will advise.

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From our Chat


boomerang is one of the scripts added by our {{ content_for_header }} object, which is mandatory for theme.liquid. There is a workaround -- you could comment out the object with Liquid to let theme.liquid get published without it. However, by doing this . you would have no analytics at all in the theme; no shopify reports or injected pixels, google analytics, etc. So those would need to all be added back manually. For a couple of ms, our FED team doesn't think it would be worth the hassle.

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Hi. I appreciate the response:) as it turns out, after days of arguing &
frustration with Shopify, the boomerang code was actually not affecting my
page speed as I had thought. It was slowing it down but only by about
.12ms. I guess something about the way it gets analyzed through certain
page speed testing programs causes it to read as though it’s slowing it
down to a crawl when that’s not actually the case.

While I would rather not have code that slows my page at all if I’m not
using it, .12ms was not worth days of arguing to me. I became pretty
indignant by the end too so ended up apologizing to the poor customer
service guy who had been trying to help me for days.
Here’s how shopify support eventually explained it to me -

Just as a clarification, from your previous email. *Theme Support* are the
team within Shopify that can edit the code of the site, though this is
strictly limited to the code that is directly within your theme file.

Other aspects (code and scripts) of the site, load in directly from the
core of the platform itself, like the Boomerang code. As it is coming
directly from core, only the developers would have access to this, and they
are a team who aren't public facing or don't take customisation requests.

As core scripts are directly a part of the platform itself, under our design

aren't able to alter or affect them in any way, as this isn't supported.

This is why we recommend reaching out to the Shopify Experts
, as they can alter the code on your
site, to prevent certain scripts (like in the Boomerang or any others case)
from actually running on site, as the site loads...

I still don’t love their solution or that they suddenly installed this
code without the option to remove it but figure you have to pick your
battles. 6+ seconds, I was going to argue to the death but .12ms was
definitely not worth 4 days of frustration & arguing.

Try having some friends & family test your page speed, especially
mobile, (I know for me that’s what it appeared to be affecting most). When
I actually had people pull the site up on all different devices, mine was
super fast even though tests were coming back telling me my homepage was
taking 8+ seconds to load.

If you get a different answer or find out otherwise, please let me know?
I’m still super new to all of this & just sort of stumbling through it.
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While I agree that forward facing timings are majorly different than Yslow and Google PageSpeed they are very important. Google is now starting to using speed to affect ranking of your site in their organic listings. We have heard about this for years but now it is part of the Google Search Console which indicates to me and our two SEO teams that we hire that it's important that their systems feel we are fast.


It's hard sitting in an office with a fiber Internet connection and the latest computers that our site is slow but if Google thinks it is then we have a big problem as we want Google to think we are awesome at everything.


How do you get ranked well on Google. Do everything they say and do it well. Long term you will win.


We just started going through this process about speed with our SEO teams and our internal team noticed this.


Hopefully after some discussion with our Shopify Plus rep we can get them to make it a removable element. Just so you know there is no way to remove the element without affecting many parts of the site from breaking. We have an internal Shopify programmer so he is very familiar with how to stop apps from loading on certain pages etc. Their recommendation is high level but has already been tried and it affects our search app from loading as well as Google Analytics and other functionality to be removed.


This should be an opt in / opt out module as we didn't sign on to a test environment. We want the fastest stable system to sell our products on. 


Any yes if ms matter to Google then they matter to me. Will keep everyone up to date if I get any other news.



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Hadn’t even thought about that part. It is google analytics that’s lowered
my mobile ranking down to a 48%. Eek. Thank you!!!!!