Shopify order notifications - Checking when an order canceled

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I have a special use case for order notifications and receipts, where they act like tickets.

My LAST hurdle is checking whether the order has been canceled..... Simple logic would state "Just use if Canceled" but this logic is not available in order notifications.
I can't use financial.status or similar, because apps like Order edit dont mark payment as void, and we don't manage financial reimbursements via Shopify...

I am going the long way round and using Order tagger to add "Canceled" to the order note, then doing a check if order note contains......

Is this the best code to use for such a query?:

{% if note != blank %}
	{% if note contains "SUPERCEDED" or note contains "Canceled" %}
		<div class="alert alert-warning text-center">
		You can no longer access this...
	{% else %}
		<div class="alert alert-info text-center">
		{{ note }}
	{% endif %}
{% endif %}


I REALLY wish "Canceled" was available in order notifications....


Thanks in advance....