Shopify's Supply theme - how disable the Collection sidebar (on both Grid & List views)?

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Am trying to use the Supply theme (latest version 9.2 - which is a free/supported) from Shopify.


The page that lists all the products in a 'Collection' - has two views:

- a Grid view
- and a List view

And has a sidebar' on the  left of both views.  Which is a customisable option.

In 'Customise' we have disabled/un-ticked the sidebar.

Now it doesn't  display on the Grid view  : )
but DOES DISPLAY on the List view : (

Little point in asking the gurus - as a 'this is an 'as designed' feature' answer is expected.

Has anyone out there got a suggestion how to get it working as expected.



There is another bug/feature :))) we noticed:

e.g.  when displaying, for example the Grid view  (url = .../collections/collection-name?view=grid)

if the visitor wants to switch from the Grid view to the List view - but inadvertantly clicks the Grid icon,
it goes to url   .../collections/collection-name?view=grid&view=grid

Then to get to the (intended) List view ... the visitor clicks the List icon .... then has to press it a 2nd time! before it switches views.

Any help getting to work as intended, much appreciated.