Shopify site not updating with Edit Code liquid changes

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I'm trying to make a simple change to my site in my list-collections.liquid page. However, no matter what I change and Save, I'm not seeing the changes reflect on the site. At first I thought maybe there was a built-in delay, but changes made with the higher level template editor are instantenous, so what's the deal?

For clarity, I'm just trying to change the following collection.title output to be an href tag that a customer can click on to navigate to the respective collection page

<div class="col-md-12">
			   		<h3 class="custom-font">
						{{ collection.title }}

I've messed around with duplicating the output, so there'd be two or three collection.titles, changing the header tags, etc. but nothing is reflected on the site :(


Thanks so much for any help!

(Also, does anyone know what the purple dots next to certain .liquid files signify?)

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The dots indicate a changed file.

I would assume that you're not changing the right seciton of code. A bit more context would help - a link to the page and name of the theme in use would be good starting places.

Also knowing what file you're making those changes to would also help.

(moving this to the design section as this post doesn't related to the Script Editor)

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Hey Jason, thanks so much for the reply!

The website is and we're using the Envy theme.

You were right - I was looking at the wrong code. Turns out I needed to be looking at the collection.liquid section, not list-collections.liquid. However, I'm running into a strange issue that perhaps is arising out of my ignorance about how things work together.

I've managed to change the section header on the main page to a link:

      <div class="title-bar custom-font">
        <h2><a href="{{ }}" title="{{ | escape }}">{{ section.settings.title | escape }}</a> </h2>
      	<div class="clear"></div>

However, the url that populates is blank, which means the isn't being grabbed from my settings_data.json file (I've added a 'link' attribute for each of the collections):

      "collection": {
        "type": "collection",
        "settings": {
          "title": "Sunnies",
          "show-vendor": false,
          "hover-effect": "second-image",
          "collection": "sunnies",
          "grid": "4",
          "rows": 3,
          "link": ""


The page source reveals that the href which is populating is just an empty string for some reason. Any suggestions as to what's going on? I've tested it by directly putting in the string for the desired site, and that works fine, but of course I want each section link to be different.


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I'm also experiencing it not updating. I'm editing the code for 'page.about.liquid' and the code hasn't updated. Could you help me with this?

Site is klatch using an edited version of 'minimal' theme.

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I'm experiencing the same problem. This issue seems to have been around a while.

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I am experiencing the same problem.. Shopify is not updating no matter what I do. I already deleted and the file and it still not updating my site despite the .css file is deleted already.


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I'm too having the same problem, one way around i found was simply add an  <h1> tag to the html just so it knows something changed besided css and save/refresh. Then just delete the h1 u just created. It fixed for me! 

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I use Prestige theme.

I have edited code and even taken it out from theme.js and cart-template.liquid without seeing any changes on the homepage. This is the first time that I have tried where code changes were not reflected.


Is it because of the theme, Shopify or me:)?

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Judging from the replies in this thread, this seems to be a somewhat common issue. Anyone found a solution?

I'm operating two shops. In one, I can make changes to all the .liquid files in the code editor, and they take immediate effect, in the other one, I can change anything... no effect at all to the front-end. No plugins, default Shopify themes...

Anyone have an idea what might be the issue?

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Same issue. Trying to update customer.login.liquid register link