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Hi Guys,


I have been having an issue with the shopping cart icon on the top right have portion of my header. For some reason I cannot click on it and displays Javascript void on the bottom left hand. The only way to get to the shopping cart is to add an item to the cart. Once there, the shopping cart quantities and delete item does not work either. I am using the Empire theme by Mile High Themes. If anyone else has any idea why the shopping cart is not working please let me know, otherwise I'm waiting for the theme devs to get back to me.

I'm hoping this is a simple fix. 

Thank you,


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Weird, they have that javascript:void(0); in the href attribute for the anchor tag. It should be as simple as finding that link and giving it the appropriate path to the cart, finding things in the code often isnt so simple though if you're unfamiliar. I'm going to lunch now, but when I get back I can request access to your site and try to fix that for you if you'd like.

If you'd like to make any edits to your store, please send me a personal message and we can discuss what you'd like to accomplish :D