Shopping Cart doesn't save items

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Hi Guys,

I just realized something today, that is the Shopify Shopping Cart doesn't save items you added to it even when your account is logged in.

I tried adding some items to my shopping cart with my account logged in. then logged out and tried logging in again on a different computer but the items I added initially are gone. 

Is there an issue with my cart liquid or Shopify Shopping Cart just doesn't save item? Can someple please help with a response. I really appreciate it!


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The cart is cookie based so will expire, and is local to the device. If it must be saved permanently to a customers account there's apps that can add that functionality.

You may want to also ensure this is a feature your customers need. Do you have some data to back that up or is it just an assumption at the moment?

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Is this still the case? can you recommend any apps that will allow customers to login to there account, add items to the basket, then login on another device and see the basket they added?