Shortcut mobile icons not showing on shopify store

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Hi, I am trying to get a shortcut icon to display when someone saves the page to their fav on a mobile.

I have the favicon working on desktop, also the apple-touch-icon works perfectly fine.

Here is my current code:

  <link rel="icon" href="https//" type="image/x-icon"/>
  <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="" />
  <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="">

Everything works bar the shortcut icon. i have followed numerous forum posts about favicons but no joy

Hopefully someone may have had this issue before and can shed some light.


Thanks in advance


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Hey Joey,

Mike here from Shopify, I would assume its in how the browser on a mobile is grabbing at this info. I would assume you are speaking of a Android Mobile for instance.

It could be that the browers have no reference images to pull from. So I did a quick Google search about this specific topic.

Specifically the link about where the author makes reference to Android as such:

Android uses the two icons with rel=”icon” and apple uses the ones prefixed with “apple-“

Take a look at your theme.liquid and if not referenced in your <head>..</head> that could be your issue.

I hope that helps.


-Mike A.






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Hi Mike, can you help me?
I wanna add the icons for iOS, android and chrome but I don't know how and where I put the code, so if you can help I'll appreciate.

My favicon it's working normaly