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I'm new to using shopify since switching over from a magento based website. Is there an app or a way to make it so that on a collection page it shows all the color variants of an item, but when you click on them they go to the same product page with all color/size variants?


Many of some of these have many colors that would be great to show on the collections page. Any other site feedback would be great as well 


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Hi there,

Hugh here from Shopify. There are apps out there that offer to show swatches, but I can only suggest they show swatches on the product page, and not the collection page.

However, you do have the choice of using a theme that has them on the collection page. Here is a list of them:

I hope that helps! Please let me know if you had any other questions about this!


Happy selling! :)
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It's an old thread but probably many merchants are still asking the same question about listing product variants on collection pages. We have recently developed an app which allows to list variants as separate products on collection pages. Here is a link: . With the app you can automatically show all available variants or select variants to be displayed per collection.


Here is a link to our demo store if you would like to see the app in action.

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no need to waste $30/m on @gravitysoftware  rent-seeking software, just use this code: I personally just added the code to the end of my product-card-grid.liquid file without any other steps and it worked fine. Depending on the theme version ymmv