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Hi everybody.


I am aware that this is an ongoing question and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to fix this. I found a guide online to change some liquid files in the Debut theme, but it didn't work great as over time the theme has been updated but the guide wasn't. There are some other instructions to be found online, but they all seem to be very theme specific. I am using the Debut theme.


For example, I sell a t-shirt which comes in 3 different colors. Currently, my collections page only shows the item in 1 color unless you click it and go to the actual product page. This might stop someone from clicking as they don't like the initial color, or they might not be aware that there are more available.


The idea is to have the product showing multiple times on the collection page, to showcase all available colors. In this particular example, the t-shirt should be shown as 3 articles. When clicking on one, you should be linked to the same product with it's specific color selection.


I found the following article, which nearly did the trick:

Link to article


The color variables were all showing on the collection page, however the layout got affected. Products were showing 2 per line, 3 per line, 1 per line. Also I wasn't sure which lines of code to delete from the collection-template.liquid section, as it seemed this page was updated. I probably did it right, as it worked but the code seemed different than in the examples.


Is there anyone that could explain a bit more or steer me in the right direction? I am not looking to use paid apps or add color swatches to solve the issue.


Thanks in advance.



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Same problem here