Show individual product variants in separate collections

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Show individual product variants in separate collections. Link all listed variants to a single product.


For example if I have a watch that has two variants gold and silver, I would like to be able to show the gold variant inside of my gold watch collections and show the silver variant and my silver watch collection. Once clicked on it leads to the original product with the option to choose either the gold or silver product.

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Which theme you are using ?

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Hi @topthetopbaby 


Renata from Shopify here.


If the variants from your products have the color name on its description, one thing you can do is create an automated collection for each of your watches categories - gold and silver - and define a condition to it so it only shows the colors you want.


This can be done by variant's title like in the example below (note that I used "Blue", but this will work with any color):



This is what my "blue products" collection will look like:



Please notice that the collection will only display those products that have a variant matching the collection's conditions, and that the whole product, and not just the variants itself, will be visible (you can see that the main product image is shown, and not the specific variants).


Hope it helps!

Renata | Shopify Staff @ Shopify

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Hi Renata - is there a way to make the collection show the variants image instead? It can get confusing when you are on a page (using the example you shared) that says Blue Products, but all the images are various colors.