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Hi there,


I would like to have the option to feature more than one collection on the homepage. My current theme, Jumpstart, does not allow me to do this. 


I can include collection list on another page, for example here (password - home), but not on the homepage. 


I can find tutorials on how to do it in other themes, but following those tutorials hasn't worked for my own theme. I'm a bit of a novice!


Does anyone know how I can achieve this? Here's a link to my website homepage.


Any help gratefully received

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Hi Emily,


Could you explain a bit more what you mean by "adding another featured collection on the home page"?


I just checked the theme and have no problem adding multiple featured collections to the home page.


Just scroll down the settings pane and click Add section



Then choose the Featured collection



Configure your settings for that collection (which one you want to show, how many items etc.) Hit save and go back to the home page settings, move the section where you want it to be ordered, hit save again and you're done ;-)


Hope this helps!

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Sorry, I should have been far more specific, but I appreciate the help nonetheless!


If I add two collections to the homepage they have to be one underneath the other, and they take up a lot of space. To prevent the user from having to scroll a long way down the page, I'd love to see my collections positioned side by side. 

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I saw your question about, how to add a collection on the homepage with the jumpsart theme and I have the same problem. I checked your store and I see that you fixed it. You have a collection and a red balk at your homepage. Can you help me please, I don't know how to fix this.