Show only available / possible filter tags?

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Is there a theme that has a filtering option that shows only the possible/available filters (tags) for the current selection?

In other words, if I have products that are tagged with:

"Red" and "Large"
"Red" and "Medium"
"Green" and "Large"
"Green" and "Medium"
"Green" and "Small"

And the customer chooses "Red" - the filter for "Small" should disappear. Because there are no products with "Red" and "Small".

Has anyone seen such a feature? In which theme?

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Most themes which allow multiple tag filters can be modified to do it, for example, Supply.

By default, the code outputs all tags for filtering:


 {%- for tag in collection.all_tags -%}

This can be modified like this:

 {%- for tag in collection.all_tags -%}


This code will only output tags which are available in already filtered subset of collection products.

Example -- though the code is a bit different -- it makes unavailable options disabled, but the idea is still the same.

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