Showtime Theme - Compare Price doesn't work properly

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I'm using the Showtime theme and was about to publish the site for my client when we discovered the compare price wasn't working product for products that have multiple variables.  When in a list, the compare price doesn't appear to be the one that corresponds to the price it's showing:

The original price of the first product (the one in the compare price field) is $75, but it's showing the compare price for another variable in that product.  The thing is, the proper compare price displays when you view the actual product detail:


When I contacted the theme developer, they told me to go back to the original version, but the code is the same, so it's their original code that's incorrect.  All the threads I find for 'compare price' are for other themes, so the page they instruct me to go to in Snippets doesn't exist, and when I apply their fixes to the proper page (e.g., product-loop.liquid), it doesn't work.  Can someone help me?