Simple 100% Full Width Image on Products & Pages (JS/CSS/HTML)

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To someone out there, this will no doubt be painfully obvious.

I'm using an Out of the Sandbox Theme, and I'd like to create a simple JS/CSS/HTML so that specific chosen images can be displayed as full width banners, while all other images are left styled as usual.

I'd like to be able to use this on both pages and products (in the product.description and page.content fields), and in page and product template liquid files. 

Ideally, this probably functions as a 'class' that can be specified anywhere on a product or page -- something that pulls a JS to break that single image out to full width and then return to standard margins. I'm not a coder, but have been trying to knock something together to accomplish this today but without much success.

That said, I'm sure many people on the forums would find this helpful in displaying full width banners on product pages and elsewhere.