Simple Theme - Change the places of elements (logo, cart button, ...)

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Hello everyone,


First of all, this my first post here in this forum and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the contributors of this community. I just learned coding since months and sometimes, some answers to different subjects here in the forum had enlightened my life beyond imagination. So for that, thank you ALL. (and special thanks to Tim, Jason, Karl O. without forgetting Caroline S. for the life saving "Link product variant" code :) )


If I post here is because I know the solution exists, I kinda have in mind what to do BUT, I do not have the knowledge (yet) to make it by myself without any problem. So I am here to ask if someone would be happy to help me step by step to make the right things and hopefully it will help others later.


Basically what I need is to delete header elements and change places of some of them only for the desktop view (not mobile, I like the current mobile view). Plus, I would like the final header to remain always in the different pages and even when the website is scrolled, on mobile and desktop view.


Here the link to my website:

Here the current password: encoursdefinalisation


Here a picture of my current header: 



Here a picture of the changes of places and deletions I would like to do (made on powerpoint :) ):



And here a picture of the desired final look:



I am sorry if some people think it is too much to ask. I have seen my code learning curve being very impressive, some tasks use to take me days or were totally impossible for me few months ago and now I can make some in minutes. I just hope someone much more advanced than me has the skills to make this "easily" for him/her.

If you think the "Debut" Theme would better suits my need, I would totally agree with you. Actually, I love the "Debut" style, however as far as I got it, it is impossible to properly edit the code in order to do this two things: