Site Speed or Mail Pop up?

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Hi, I used privy for my newsletter pop up but it slowed my site. I ran a GTmetrix test and I went from 3.9s Fully Loaded Time to 5.8s

I have a pop up integrated in my theme but it doesnt look good. And I dont have a mobile pop up without privy.

So my Question what is more important the site speed or a better pop up ? And is it possible to create/code an own pop up?



Pop up2.PNGPrivy Pop UpPop Up 1.PNGTheme Pop UpSpeed2.PNGWith PrivySpeed1.PNGWithout Privy

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The site speed is more important that popups, because the speed is one of the most important factors to increase conversion rate and one of the most important factors used by search engines to rank websites in the first page.

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