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Hey there folks,


I've implemented a size chart button to my product pages. When clicking the button, the size chart opens, although it takes up the whole screen. That is most likely because pictures that the button is referring to (off of the subsites) are in width and height set to 100% (in percent because I want to have it mobile responsive). In mobile it looks perfect, but on desktop or tablet its way too much. But when I change the image to, say, 50% it looks okayish on desktop, but way too small on mobile. But regardless of image size, the table width always takes up the whole width of the screen, regardless whether or not I change the table width to 50%. If it would have any effect it would then look too small on mobile again.

The subsite on my website of the size-chart (which the the button is taking the info from) has perfect size. It is NOT taking up the whole width off the screen. It is limited to the edges of the navigation. On mobile it still looks perfect.

If that size ratio would be kept on desktop after clicking the size chart button, that would be perfect and what I require.


I'd be grateful for any help.



PS: Below some pictures for a better visualization.


After clicking the size chart button on product pagesAfter clicking the size chart button on product pages

The sub page for size chartsThe sub page for size charts


Hello ,

Please hsare your site url so that I will check and give you exact solution


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