Slideshow Image not appearing

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I'm having a real problem trying to get one of my images to appear on my slideshow.

I have 5 images on my slideshow and only 4 are appearing as i changed the 5th. 

It appears in the preview of the admin section of my website but when i save changes it does not show on the live site.

The image is saved as a .png file

Any help will be really appreciated




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The image is showing, just not how you expect.
Take one of the ones that works:

  • This (size: 480px x 480px)

Compare it to the one you can't see:

  • This (size: 1600px x 3703px)

Pretty massive size difference. If I was to guess you're seeing the image just fine. Just the edge of it which happens to be transparent. Try a smaller pic.

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