Sms Widget?

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Hi all,

Wondering if there is a way that I can have a clickable widget so people can text me (for customer service reasons) 

Right now im using a paid app but im also a new store and $25/mo is a bit much.  I can easily just add a clickable link in my header, but I LOVE the widget that the app provides.

Im no developer.  Wondering if there is a free app or either something simple I can possibly do myself.  Any suggestions?

you can see my current setup at

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Yes, a company named offers SMS widgets for Shopify stores. Their basic package costs $45/month and allows up to 5 agents to handle incoming messages from a textable number. They also have 14 days trial. 

Here's an example store using it: (the widget has an 8 second pop-up delay)


Here's their SMS widget instruction video for Shopify: