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Hi I am helping a friend declutter her shop selling statues, want to add a customize  sort by menu on the collection page. I don't mind keeping the sort by price, But I add a few thing listed below. 
1.  I have tagged the products  by size so (small, medium, large) for variety of products so Like to sort by size (from S-L and from L-S)  
2. I have tagged also by the material they are made, brass, cast metal, wood crazing, marble ect. 
3. Now I would also like the it if when in sorting by material I  can have it also filtered by size  but only when sorted by materials. 

I am using the Brooklyn Theme

Any help would be much apricated 
thank you In advance 

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Hi @RhysAsmara 

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Filter collections with product tags

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HI, @Michal_Morek this help with a few of my question but not all of it. Yes this will get my to sort by via tag and that awesome but I need to do a bit more then that. 
1. The size tag I would like it if could ascending and descending. 
2. the material tag I would like it if there was a second option that when I select the material they can also sort by the size.