Spacing/Padding issue: Providence Theme

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Hello! I have the Providence theme, and I have been looking for a workaround to create a "collection of collections". Through the various discussion boards I figured out how to create a list-collections template and a page.list-collections for the various different pages of collections I want to create. Here's what I did:


1) I created a menu listing all of the collections I'd like to have on a page and called that menu "all-XXX" (so, for example, "all-necklaces")

2) I then created "list-collections.necklaces.liquid" and edited the code to include this: 

{% for link in linklists.all-necklaces.links %}
{% assign collection = link.object %}

3) I then created a "page.list-collections.necklaces.liquid" and added the "list-collections.necklaces.template" code

4) I then created a page with the "page.list-collections.necklaces.liquid" code


I did this for all of the pages I refer to below.


The spacing/padding on these are all askew though, and I cannot figure out how to edit them so that they are all the same.


My website is


An example of a product page with spacing I like is:


The pages where the margins/padding on the top of the collection images are too large and I don't know how to fix are:


Can anyone offer any suggestions here as to how I can fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hello, @belmonili 

Thanks for post.

1. Go to Online Store->Theme->Edit code
2. Asset->/theme.scss.liquid->paste below code at the bottom of the file.

.collection-title {
    margin-top: 8px;
    margin-bottom: 5px;
.collection-item-count {
    font-weight: 600;

change the value as you like

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Thank you so much!