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I am right now developing an agency for various SEO services dedicated to e-commerce store owners.


I am willing to make a very specific product page for my customers looking for SEO writing, I can sort of do it easily on WordPress but I am more familiar with Shopify. 


Is it possible to have a page where they can first select the number of words (scale from 50 to 3000+) on a flat line or rounded bar (like a clock ?), as we can see on websites like https://unicheck.com/ . 


Second, an automatic slide once they've selected the number of words, checkboxes with options (SEO optimisation +20%, express delivery +10%, HTML +50$... as example).


Then, text boxes where they can type a keyword, plus instructions for our team. 


At the end of it, a pay button with the price which depends on all the options above.


If you know any themes, app, or ways to do something similar, I'd like to hear from you guys :)


Thank you!