Split Theme - Coding Issues

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Dear Shopify Community, 

I am in need of some help for a few coding issues I have been having with the Split theme on Shopify. 

I can't fix the following:

  • Green color behind images during loading, I'd like this to be #EEEEEA but cannot manage to change this. 
  • I am having a padding issue with the footer on mobile layout. The top and bottom padding should be in the same color than the footer. 
  • Is there a way of decreasing the size of the images in the zoom function on the product page. When zoomed in the images appear super big. 

It would be amazing if you can help out. 

The URL is https://the-design-hotels-shop.myshopify.com/, it's still password protected as not ready to be lived but will give it to the person who can help out

Have a nice day,