Split Theme: Need help with changes to Home Page

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Hi all,

Thanks in advanced for taking the time to help me out.

I'm trying to make a few adjustments to the Split theme, those being:

1) Making the main Split Screen Slider a dual static image, rather than a text frame accompanied by the current sliding images.
2) The search icon to be in text format with a line following for text and to be centered in the header
3) Have the main menu always showing/exposed on the left hand side underneath the logo.
4) To have Cart, Account and Help options on the far right hand side in text format.

To give you some background, I'm creating this website for a friend and trying to make it as close to her brief as possible. I found the Split theme and think that it fits best but needs a few changes here at there. I've attached a photo below to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

Home Page 1.jpgHome Page Brief
These are not final pictures, so the left side menu would be not be covered like the above, but you should get the idea.

If anyone could help me out with any of the above, and even a few more questions that I may have in the coming days,  I would be extremely appreciative.

Many thanks,

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Hi @BVC 

These all changes are not done by just console may be you have to get developer for this changes, you can just change menu position for now but for that need to check store, send me url.

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