Split Theme - Remove Image Overlay on Specific Image with Text Section

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I want to remove the image overlay for a specific section of my homepage, https://buffalomade.co. Screenshot of the section attached, I have tried everything I can think of but can't seem to figure it out.


Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 10.44.55 PM.png

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please add following css to the end of your css_main.scss file 


.site-box .site-box-background.with-image:after{ background: none;}
once you add this css, your image should look clear without that overlay, if needed contact me, will help you.
you are welcome to contact me.
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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @BuffaloMadeCo 

If you want to remove overly for just given section then add this css.

suyash1 's css is right but it will remove from all image overly section.

Add this css in Asset->theme.scss file at bottom

#shopify-section-1490617026526 .site-box .site-box-background.with-image:after { background: none; }

Note: This css only work for your store

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That worked perfectly, thank you! Worth noting that for this theme the section that code needed to go in is actually called css_main.scss.liquid.